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One night should not define the next decade.

A dui will effect more than just your wallet. Dui’s have the nasty habit of remaining on your record for long periods of time, in fact they usually are around for almost seven years. Some dui’s are given to citizens for making the right decision and sleeping it off in their vehicle only to be awoken by law enforcement and arrested. A dui is no laughing matter and can have serious implications on your life.

Many times a dui case can be resolved much more quickly without serious incident, and it depends solely on your representation to give you more options than to be dragged down the dui rabbit hole. Steven Eckert is a federal prosecutor and district attorney, meaning he can formulate the perfect defense in any situation to get a dui taken care of. Don’t spend the next ten years paying for a one time mistake. Call Steven immediately to have your dui case handled immediately.

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Dui Case Consultation

Discuss the details of your case with Steven directly either face to face or over video. Go over potential solutions and defense strategies to insure the best possible outcome of your situation.

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Dui Client Representation

Steven will represent you in the court room, he will act on your behalf to make sure you aren’t just another number in the judiciary dui racket. Proper representation is the only thing separating you from a full sentence and fully leaving a mistake in the past.

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Full Record Expungement

Steven has the ability to fully expunge your records not just in the federal systems but in private collection databases that law enforcement uses. Just because your public record has been expunged doesn’t mean it has been burned from the private sector. Let Steven make sure you are shown in a true light by getting your record completely expunged today.

“I was wrongfully arrested for a dui. It was horribly frustrating to be treated so unjustly, I was shamed publicly with my picture being spread across social media, so I called Steven. Steven pointed out the flaws in the officers mishandling of my arrest. Steven made sure I didn’t go down for something I didn’t even do. It was the best decision I could have made in the situation. I had to write a review and you have to use Steven to handle your case.”

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Eckert Law Firm is a Gulf Coast local legal representation business. Located in Biloxi MS. Steven has been featured on WLOX and Gulf Live for his talent as a lawyer.

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