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a working man in boots laying on the ground after falling from a ladder and getting injured

Hurt while at work? Steven can help.

A great lawyer like Steven can get you the resources you need to receive the treatment you require now.


a woman calling her lawyer after being in a car accident.

auto accidents

Been in an accident that wasn't your fault?  You deserve compensation to ease your suffering. Allow Steven to get you what you are entitled to.

a man who has a catastrophic injury is sitting in a wheel chair looking at his doctor

catastrophic injuries

Catastrophic injuries are life altering and permanent. Your life is forever changed. If you need compensation you need Steven on your side.

a dog who is locked behind a fence

dog bite injuries

We all love pets but when an animal acts aggressively and it impacts you or a loved one someone must be held responsible. Set up a consultation now to go over your options.

a gavel and a stethoscope to signify medical malpractice or medical law

medical malpractice

We all put faith in doctors to have our best interests at heart. When they abuse that trust they need to be held liable. If you or a loved one is a victim of negligent medical practice call Steven today.

an elderly womans hand shaking a young nursing home workers hand

nursing home abuse

We put great faith in a retirement home to take care of our loved ones in their later years of life and provide the care that we can't as they relax in old age. When a retirement home crosses the line and takes advantage  Steven is there to make them pay. After all, retirement is meant to be enjoyed not suffered through. 

a man at work in an industrial place doing dangerous work with a grinder trying not to get injured

workplace injuries

Injured on the job? Can't work? Don't let your bills pile up without knowing your options, Employers should do the right thing and take care of their employees but sometimes that isn't the case. When they don't call Steven and he will ensure they are held to their responsibilities.

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